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Toby is the best!

Toby (Mr. Norris) got my buddy completely off an aggravated battery charge that seemed bleak, to say the least. I now use Mr. Norris as my business attorney and am always satisfied with his knowledge, service, and skills. Toby is the best!

-Emile “Red” Barnes

Owner/Operator Great Southern Demolition, Inc.

Highly recommended

Facing criminal charges is extremely stressful and I cannot imagine facing them without Toby (Mr. Norris) in my corner. Most lawyers understand the law but Mr. Norris knows how to explain complicated legal proceedings in a manner anyone can understand. He called me back and spent time understanding the facts of my case. Most importantly, he ensured that my rights were defended above all else. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Norris to anyone who has been charged with a crime or facing a tough situation with the law.

-T. Andrew Walker

Mr. Norris can handle any situation

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know of my experience with Mr. Christopher (Toby) Norris and his team at Norris Law firm. Toby made me feel totally comfortable from the very first time we met. Toby’s professionalism and determination made me believe that he can handle any situation without being ruffled. My wife went to him on the recommendation of a friend while I was incarcerated. Without any hesitation, he traveled about an hour and a half to come see me. He got my bail reduced by more than half of the original amount, which allowed me to make the payment. Toby was very understanding when it came to my personal situation, and has worked with me in every respect. Toby and Lisa are always available to answer questions and are great on follow ups. I am very pleased with their representation and I really appreciate it.

-Tony Joseph

Recommended by fellow lawyers

My recent family dispute required hiring Toby. Sure, he handled the opposing party quite well, but his real skill was in handling me. Hiring Toby meant I did not have to worry that I would make a mistake. By the way, I’m an attorney. I know what a good lawyer is, and Toby is one.

-A. G.

Provided protection and clarity during difficult times

Toby Norris provides clarity in times when they are most needed. Whether it is a traffic, misdemeanor or high-profile felony case, don’t try and fight by yourself. I’m eternally grateful for the services that I’ve received. Your phone calls are returned, your questions are answered and when facing life-changing charges, it’s vital to be handled in a timely manner. This firm has always treated me respectfully and professionally, which has been an issue in the past with other law offices. Toby provides the protection you need and is completely focused on providing the best outcome for his clients.

– S. Sheward

Fought hard for child custody

Toby and his staff were there for us when we desperately needed help with a child custody case. He was diligent in his work and fought hard for my family. He has forever changed my life. He really cared about our situation and I greatly appreciate that. I would highly recommend Toby to anyone!


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