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Vigorous Defense For Drug Charges

When you have been arrested for a serious drug offense, it can affect your employment, your finances, your relationships and your reputation.

At the law firm of Norris Law, we understand the seriousness of being arrested for a drug crime. The repercussions make it extremely important to have a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side.

Ours will examine every aspect of your arrest and strategize how to have the charges reduced or dismissed, or take the case to trial to protect your freedom.

Type And Amount Of Drug = Severity Of Penalty

Florida takes drug crimes very seriously with laws providing for significant punishment for anyone caught using, manufacturing or selling controlled substances. The penalties for drug offenses vary greatly by the type and amount of drug involved.

There are five categories of controlled substances that are grouped based on the dangerousness of the drug and its potential for addiction:

  • Schedule I These drugs have a high potential for abuse and no legitimate medical use. Drugs in this category include heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.
  • Schedule II The substances in this category have a high potential for abuse, but may be used in a medical setting in a severely restricted way. This category includes opiates (such as morphine) and methamphetamine.
  • Schedule III — Drugs in this category have an accepted medical use and the potential to be abused. They include substances such as anabolic steroids.
  • Schedule IV This category is for substances that have a low potential for abuse and accepted medical uses. Drugs in this category may include medications used to treat anxiety, sleep or depression.
  • Schedule V Drugs in this group have a very low potential for abuse and accepted medical uses. Drugs in this category include cough medications with low levels of codeine.

Penalties for drug possession, manufacture and sale range from one year in jail and a $1,000 fine to a maximum of 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

A conviction for a drug-related offense can have many additional consequences such as losing your job, being denied government benefits, including student loans and housing, and even losing your right to vote.

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When you work with our firm, you will receive personalized attention and a customized strategy to aggressively fight your critical charges. At Norris Law, we have more than 15 years of criminal defense trial experience advocating for clients on every type of drug crime.

Let us defend you. We will research and present options to resolve your matter the best and fastest way possible. We are tenacious at trial and will not settle out of court — unless it’s your best option.

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