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The turmoil of a complicated divorce. A difficult child support situation. A complex property division. Family law issues can be contentious and uncomfortable. You just want them to be over. Having a knowledgeable family law attorney on your side can make all the difference in how your case is resolved.

Attorney Toby Norris at Norris Law is committed to helping you get through the difficult times in life, offering customized solutions for often emotional, always personal circumstances. A resolution out of court is always the priority, but if necessary, we will go into the courtroom and fight for justice, whatever the situation. You’ll receive dedicated guidance combined with intelligent legal counsel every time.

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Some ways we can assist include:

The ending of a marriage, the struggle of child support and determination of custody, are all circumstances that have similarities, but no two divorces are ever the same.

Family law cases require an experienced lawyer who understands Florida law, the way that courts typically handle these cases but also understands the emotional challenges the parties undergo. Our family law attorney reduces your stress by clearly explaining the law and the process and helping you make decisions that will benefit your future.

Sensitive Resolutions For Family Law

Family law issues are often intertwined in a messy tangle. Needing to deal with the divorce, child custody, the parenting plan, and the division of property, all at the same time, can be overwhelming. We help you maintain your well-being and will help you navigate the legal process as positively as possible, so you can start a new, happier life.

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