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Dividing family property and deciding who gets what in a divorce can be fairly straightforward or quite complex. If there are substantial assets such as houses, rental properties, retirement plans, stocks and businesses, everything must be reviewed and not divided simply based on current dollar value. If you have property or debt with your spouse, it will have to be divided up by agreement or by the court.

In Florida, courts start with the premise that assets and debts should be equitably distributed, which means that they are divided fairly. In some cases, this means a 50-50 split, but this is not always the case.

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Our knowledgeable divorce attorney at the Florida firm of Norris Law has your best interests in mind and can ease the challenge of dividing assets. With more than 15 years of family law experience, attorney Norris will explain how the process works and make the legal language easy to understand, so that you can make informed decisions about your future.

Importantly, the only assets subject to distribution in a divorce are marital assets, which is typically property acquired during the marriage. An example of nonmartial property is an inheritance received by one spouse prior to the marriage. The classification of property as either marital or nonmarital plays a big role in how the assets will be divided.

Factors For Dividing Property

Courts will look at a number of factors in order to make a fair division, such as.

  • The contributions of each spouse, including nonfinancial contributions such as raising the children
  • The financial situation of both spouses
  • The need to keep the marital home
  • The length of the marriage

Property division is often hotly contested by both spouses, particularly when they have many assets. At Norris Law, we are adept at negotiating the division of assets, beginning with the determination of marital versus nonmarital property. We will aggressively litigate these issues as needed, and will call upon financial experts to make a strong case for a favorable division of property.

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Divorce can involve many complex issues, particularly if you have substantial assets or debts. From filing the initial suit to negotiating an agreement or going to trial, our seasoned divorce and property division lawyer will guide you throughout the entire legal process.

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