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Aggressive Legal Representation For Criminal Charges

You have been charged with a serious crime in Florida. Your entire world has changed, and your freedom depends on a verdict from a group of people you don’t even know. This is the most trouble you have ever encountered. You don’t want to go to prison. You need to hire an experienced defense attorney with a positive track record who will fight to protect your rights.

At Norris Law, we don’t back down when representing clients. We zealously fight criminal charges for each and every client. With comprehensive experience in all phases of litigation, we will explore all options to resolve your case, keeping you and your future in mind. We look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence or arguments, challenge the credibility of witnesses and work to create a compelling defense.

Our trial experience includes criminal defenses for misdemeanors and felonies, including:

  • DUI — any and all drunk driving charges
  • Drug offenses — including possession and trafficking
  • Internet crimes — such as child pornography and solicitation
  • Embezzlement — taking corporate funds and money from elderly
  • Major crimes / felony offenses — including assault, robbery, arson, burglary

Abused Or Neglected? ACEs Could Be Used In Your Defense

If you were abused or neglected as a child, your Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) could be a strategic component for your defense. ACEs are stressful, traumatic childhood events that include physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

These events can disrupt neurodevelopment causing impaired cognitive functioning and coping skills. Research has found that ACEs are directly related to a higher risk of social problems, substance abuse disorders and behavioral issues in adulthood.

At Tallahassee’s Norris Law, we are cognizant of considering a plaintiff’s ACE score and will work to use this fact in our defense argument.

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