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Experienced Defense For Internet Crimes

If you are charged with an internet crime like identity theft, credit card fraud, child pornography or child solicitation, it will affect not only your reputation and finances but also your ability to obtain gainful employment. You will have a large amount of work ahead of you to avoid incarceration and try to clear your name.

At the law offices of Norris Law, you will be working with an experienced trial lawyer who is completely committed to your case and you. A tenacious criminal defense attorney who is ready to dissect every piece of evidence and fight the government with sophisticated arguments.

One such debate may be to prove that images traveled in interstate commerce. Another may be that you knowingly possessed images. Whatever the angle of the defense, our goal is to achieve the most positive outcome.

The Broad Range Of Potential Internet Charges

Laws in Florida and across the country have been enacted to criminalize using technology to commit crimes, ever-broadening the scope of law enforcement’s reach for prosecuting computer-related crimes. Computers often create detailed records of who used them, when files were created, when they were modified or transferred. You need an attorney who understands computer forensics and knows how to use that information to develop a strong defense.

These laws cover a number of different potential crimes, including:

  • Internet crimes involving minors — It is a crime to make, store, receive or distribute pornographic images of minors.
  • Online child solicitation This crime involves using a computer to ask a child for sex.
  • Identify theft — Using the internet to steal personal identification or financial information is an offense.
  • Internet fraud — This covers everything from email scams to defrauding people on auction or sale sites like eBay and Craigslist.
  • Hacking — It is a crime to “break into” another person’s computer or accounts without permission, or to use a virus to prevent a person from using their computer.

Facing Internet Crime Charges?

Arrests for internet crimes and crimes against children are not taken lightly. Our Tallahassee firm has a strong history of defending these types of crimes that may be brought at either the federal or state level.

There are a number of potential defenses for internet offenses, including that someone else used your computer or internet, or that the police illegally obtained the evidence. We know the prosecutors and judges and are ready to prepare and present your best defense.

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